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by Sara Leblanc on metamorphosispediatricpt
Unique Blessing

"Being told that your son will never walk is something I frequently heard. We've been through every type of therapy available and kept hitting a plateau. The day we met Mara, and were introduced to Cuevas Medek Exercises, we saw something new with our son. That was the day that Mara looked into my eyes and assured me that my son would walk. As each session went by my son stood taller, he balanced, he shifted weight, and he started to walk. Making strides each and everyday, he beat the odds and is walking. Our family is extremely blessed to be able to work with Mara Gordon and are forever grateful for the Cuevas Medek Exercises."

Amazing PT

As a special ed teacher and intervention specialist with 28 years experience, I have worked with several physical therapists during my tenure in public schools. The physical and emotional involvement that Ms. Gordon provides to children is at a whole other level of PT that I have previously observed, and i was extremely impressed. It is obvious that she is compassionate, possesses a strong work ethic and a high level of expertise.
At times,her work is no easy task for the child, but through her dedication and use of Cuevas Medex exercises she is able to help children with significant mobility limitations make extraordinary progress towards sitting upright, walking, self balance and self confidence.
If your child is in need of physical therapy services I highly recommend Mara Gordon, PT.


Mara Gordon is an expert in her field. She is kind, patient and goes out of her way to make sure you the parent understand the techniques being implimented and are comfortable performing them in the home. She became my sons pt when he was 7 months old and continued with him until he was 5. When she started with him he couldn't sit up, crawl, or walk and he had issues with crossing over midline. We were told by doctors that they were things he would mist likely never do but Mara wouldnt accept that and pushed through. Today our son a child who is legally paralyzed from the waist down, can donall of those things thanks to her. Having Mara come into our lives was life changing and we would recommend her to anyone whose child is antough case.

Mara is an incredibly patient and caring therapist and truly understands the personality challenges of young children. She has been treating our 2 year old son for the past eight months and the progress he has made in that time is remarkable. She is a true miracle-worker!

Mara has been Finn's PT since he was 6 months old. Her integrity, professionalism, honesty, and unwillingness to give up have been an inspiration to all of us, but most of all to Finn. Finn’s doctor’s say that because of the PT he has done, the number of orthopedic issues we are contending with have been reduced. With her new CME technique, we have seen the physical results generalize faster into Finn’s natural environment. Mara is also attuned to his emotions during the session, and with this we have seen the results integrate into his neurological and emotional functioning as well. He is calmer, more sure of himself, less fearful, and ultimately more joyful knowing that he can navigate his environment safely. Thank you Mara!