Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) was invented and developed by Venezualan born Ramon Cuevas, PT in 1972. The technique is well known in Canada, South America and Europe.  Sr. Cuevas currently operates his clinic in Santiago, Chile where he receives patients and trains practitioners from all over the world.

CME is a form of therapeutic exercise designed to provoke or stimulate of complex reflexive motor responses.  These responses are often dormant or absent in children with neurological or developmental difficulties or disorders.” Some examples of complex reflexive motor responses are the maneuvers made to prevent a fall after a person trips or slips.  These responses are not learned, but instead are a part of the genetic programming of the human brain.  Sr. Cuevas discovered that repeated provocation of these types of reflexes stimulated unprecedented motor development in children with cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and more.  In my own years as a clinician I have found that children treated with CME consistently progress faster and further than those I had previously treated using traditional NDT-based therapy.  If your child is experiencing significant gross motor difficulties and/or is responding poorly to traditional physical therapy, CME may be the answer.  Videos of CME treatment sessions can be found our Gallery.